Why Does Jon Zahm support Democrats?

This cycle seems to be full of stories about self-proclaimed Republicans who have deep Democrat ties…

One such person in Jon Zahm. As you can see in Page 1 of this PDF, Zahm endorsed a Democrat of Kane County Sheriff where he runs the oddly named Kane County Conservative Coalition.  Now he’s running the campaign of Manju Goel, who until running for Congress seemed to have voted generally in Democratic primaries.

Why would such a staunch conservative help those with deep Democratic ties, or are they actually Democrats?

Well, one answer might be in Zahm’s history of money problems which you can see here.  Page 7 shows where he even had an over $20,000 tax lien filed against him by the IRS for apparently not paying the taxes that were due.

The money problems could be explained by the fact that when Jon Zahm runs campaigns, bad things happen.  In this PDF on page 2 and following, you can see that not only was he cited by the State Board of Elections for violating the law, the case was referred for criminal prosecution.  Would you want a campaign manager who the state tried to have prosecuted for wrong-doing?

Worse is his apparent history of litigation and threats of litigation to make a buck.  Larry Kaifesh is learning this now.  Zahm was once city clerk in Geneseo where he was apparently let go but not without extracting a huge windfall payday paid for with property taxes (see page 8 and following).  It’s unclear if the city pushed him out the door but some interesting allegations were made about using city resources for political purposes.

We’ve heard of “slip and sue” but is this a situation of “fired and sue”?  Is that what happened here?

These documents raise important questions but provide few answers.

Some questions for Jon Zahm:

– Is it appropriate for you to be working with apparent Democrats and those who openly identify as Democrats while criticizing others for doing the exact same thing?
– How do you reconcile your poor person fiscal management with your supposed championing of fiscal conservatism?
– Is it appropriate that you extracted a taxpayer-funded payday from Geneseo?
– Why were you let go, or “allowed to resign” from Geneseo?
– Is Manju Goel still a Democrat? Are there other Democrats you are still working for?
– Have you paid all your taxes to date or are there still liens?  Are you still in foreclosure?

It’s time Jon Zahm comes clean and opens his books… what does he have to hide?


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