Why was Jon Zahm investigated by the St. Charles Police for “suspicious activity” involving minors?

Longtime “profamily” activist and political staffer Zahm would like you to believe he is a champion of the conservative cause.  He served one term the Henry County Board, served on a regional office of education board and has been involved in various charity activities, some involving children.  But apparently he was once also investigated for suspicious events surrounding children.

Read the police report and supporting evidence yourself here: https://jonzahm.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/zahm3.pdf

Having his pirate ice cream truck shut down twice by police for allegedly risking the safety of minors is creepy enough.  But the police report suggests other things worse… CASA, an organization that involves troubled minors, had to remove him as a volunteer for having too much interest in a case not his and other questionable behavior.  The St. Charles police apparently didn’t believe they were getting the full story because of inconsistencies… Why would an adult let unrelated minors stay over at his house?  The investigation never ended in arrest so we just don’t know.  But it bears asking, is Jon Zahm the Michael Jackson of the Illinois Republican Party?

Some questions for Zahm:

– Did you every have inappapropriate sexual contact with a minor as was apparently alleged in the police report?
– Do you still have unrelated children sleep at your home?
– Are any youth organizations you are involved in know of these prior allegations?
– Did you ever refer to your apartment as the Neverland Ranch?
– Why do the police feel they weren’t getting the full story?
– Are there other allegations of this type that have been ever leveled against you?
– Is it appropriate for someone who is “pro family” to have these types of allegations in their past?
– Is Paul Caprio of Family-PAC aware?  Or any of the candidates you are working with fully briefed on this?  What are they doing to protect their underage volunteers?

It appears Zahm won’t answer these questions as he’s already threatened lawsuits, all over posting public records.  This is, of course, looks to be a pattern of behavior.  We are disappointed Zahm would prefer threats than to set the record straight.


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